Convenient & easy
access to financial
services every minute

Pockemoni provides you access to perform transactions and make payments wherever you are with ease and convenience.


PocketMoni Rocks! This app makes utility & bill payments, funds transfers and airtime topups as easy as breathing! It is easy, safe, secure, fast and convenient to use, an app that every smartphone should have.

- Anonymous customer

Experience PocketMoni

Creating payment solutions to drive financially inclusion across the country and beyond


With over 10,000 agents activated in different demographics of the nation. We provide Instant access to funds both online & offline

Simple, easy payments

You can send or receive money from friends and family, automate your bills payment & much more. All transactions are processed instantly


PocketMoni offers different channels for users to access its range of services via mobile, web, USSD and agent hubs. We’ve got you covered at all times.

Maximum Uptime

You never need to worry about service frictions, we have automated all our services to ensure you have a seamless experience on the app.

Safe & Secure

Millions of Nigerians trust us with their money. We ensure that your money is safe by complying with the highest global security standards.

Active Customer Support

We have provided several avenues through which our customers can get all the help and support. Our support lines are active 24/7

Easy payment experience

PocketMoni helps you make payments for services convinently via multiple channels, all at your fingertips.

Send Money

Instant funds transfer to PocketMoni users and all banks in Nigeria

Withdraw Money

Access our cash out service leveraging on our robust agency network as well as alternative payment channels (Bank , ATM).

Pay Bills

With PocketMoni you can buy airtime and make payments for your everyday utility bills without hassle

Fund Wallet

We have provided multiple channels to fund your wallet. You can fund your wallet online directly via the app or at our agent locations

Social ticketing

Our offerings make your payment experience fun, either by purchasing a movie ticket or attending your favorite social gathering.


Become an Agent

PocketMoni enables wealth creation. We have created an eco-system which ensures a decent income for our agents to run profitable businesses.

Earn quick cash

PocketMoni empowers its agents to make extra income by profiling and activation on the POS scheme.

Agent Support

Guaranteed 24/7 support for all agent inquiries and dispute resolutions.

Flexible Pricing

We offer competitive rates and provide exclusive pricing to super agent networks.

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